June 6 — From Oakland To NYC: #BlockTheBoat International Week of Action

#BlockTheBoat NY Update: Be prepared to mobilize against Israel’s apartheid-profiteering ZIM company this Sunday at the Maher terminal, 1210 Corbin Street Elizabeth, NJ 07201. Please arrive by 6:30am for a lively picket line. Exact time will depend on when the ship docks. Bring signs, your voices, comfy shoes, water & snacks. For public transit, go to Newark Penn Station & grab ride share from there. If driving, park near EWR & grab ride share as well. 

Join us and receive updates by texting your name to 833-320-1973.

Join #BlockTheBoatNYC as we stand with workers and community organizers of #BlocktheBoatOakland, California who have blocked cargo ships operated by ZIM – apartheid Israel’s largest and oldest shipping company – from docking for over 11 days.

Here in the NYC-NJ area, the ZIM Tarragona is scheduled to dock in the Port of New York and New Jersey on Sunday, June 6th. This week, as part of the Arab Resource & Organizing Center’s International Week of Action to #BlockTheBoat, we are going to send a clear message: Israeli apartheid is NOT welcome in New York and New Jersey ports! The specific time and location is TBD. Join us and receive updates by texting your name to 833-320-1973.

To Endorse this Action: bit.ly/BTBNYEndorse

After over a decade of grassroots organizing with dockworkers in the Port of Oakland in California, and multiple victories blocking container ships operated by the Israeli shipping company ZIM from unloading cargo , the Block the Boat campaign, led by Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC) had stopped Zim from returning to Oakland since 2014.

Zim is trying to return to the Port of Oakland for the first time since 2014.

AROC is currently leading another #BlockTheBoat campaign targeting ZIM, and calling for a #BlockTheBoat International Week of Action from June 2 to June 9. 

Over the course of the past two weeks, the threat of AROC’s protest has kept a ZIM cargo ship from docking at the Port of Oakland. In AROC’s own words,

“We are winning! Our people power is working, and sending a clear message that Israel’s ongoing settler-colonialism, occupation, and violence against the Palestinian people will come with a heavy price. Every hour that ZIM cargo ships remain undocked and unloaded is a huge victory, as it means that the apartheid state of Israel is losing enormous amounts of money.”

AROC is now calling on communities everywhere to organize solidarity actions with Oakland and community picket lines to block ZIM-operated ships at your port during the week of action. https://blocktheboat.org/actions-by-city/

In the wake of the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza, this is a critical moment to build with port workers in solidarity, and encourage them to heed the call from labor unions in Gaza asking workers everywhere not to handle Israeli cargo or engage with Israeli businesses.

To Endorse this Action: bit.ly/BTBNYEndorse