19 June, NYC: Palestine Contingent on Juneteenth: You Can’t Stand for Palestinian Liberation without Standing for Black Liberation

Saturday, 19 June
12 pm
Frederick Douglass Square, Brooklyn, NY
(Formerly Nostrand & Jefferson)
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQM1rMngxWD/

Stand with the December 12 Movement and Sistas’ Place

You cannot stand for Palestinian liberation without standing for Black Liberation. If you’ve been showing up for protests for Palestine, you should also be showing up for Black liberation. This Saturday on June 19th we will join the December 12th movement at Frederick Douglass Square in Brooklyn to commemorate Juneteenth. Join us as we wave the New Afrikan flag and show solidarity with our Black Comrades fighting for liberation. Our struggles are interconnected and our liberation is tied to one another.