Take Action: Twitter Storm for Georges Abdallah, Thursday 23 September #MacronLibérezAbdallah 


Twitter Storm
Thursday, 23 September 2021
9 am Pacific – 12 noon Eastern – 6 pm central Europe – 7 pm Palestine

Get sample tweets: https://bit.ly/freegeorgesnow

Use the hashtag  #MacronLibérezAbdallah
Tag: @EmmanuelMacron to direct your demand to French officials!

French President Emmanuel Macron is meeting with the new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Friday, 24 September. 

We want to make sure Macron hears the message: Free Georges Abdallah, Lebanese struggler for Palestine jailed in France for 37 years. 

We are beginning a month of action to free Georges Abdallah. Let us start this month of action with a social media storm to tell Macron to free Georges now! 

Throughout his time in prison, Georges Abdallah has remained on the forefront of struggle, even participating in collective hunger strikes with Palestinian prisoners. His return to Lebanon has been repeatedly blocked by French officials, acting in concert with the United States and Israel. Join us to say:  #MacronLibérezAbdallah 

French President @EmmanuelMacron is meeting with the new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Friday, 24 September. Today, we demand the release of Georges Abdallah: #MacronLibérezAbdallah Share on X Who is Georges Ibrahim Abdallah? Learn about his case and demand his liberation. #MacronLibérezAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Share on X From France to Beirut to Palestine, we raise our voices together: Free Georges Abdallah! #MacronLibérezAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Share on X 'The Palestinian people are still there and the Palestinian cause is more alive than ever.' - Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lannemezan Prison #MacronLibérezAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Share on X Le frère de Georges Abdallah adresse un message à @EmmanuelMacron #MacronLibérezAbdallah Share on X Libérez Georges Abdallah, communiste libanais emprisonné en France depuis 1984 et libérable depuis 1999 ! #MacronLibérezAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Share on X Georges Abdallah est un communiste libanais et un résistant anti-impérialiste. Exiger sa libération c'est soutenir le combat du peuple libanais pour un Liban libre et démocratique. #MacronLibérezAbdallah @CollectifPV @EmmanuelMacron @GDarmanin Share on X