Samidoun Spain’s outreach activities in Lavapies and Tirso de Molina, Madrid, highlight upcoming actions

Last Sunday, 17 October, the activists of Samidoun Spain in Madrid continued their actions of dissemination and communication to the public of the activities, events and protests that will take place on October 28, 29, 30 and 31 in Madrid in the framework of the celebration of the National Palestinian Conference in the Diaspora (Masar Badil).

The activists were present in the central Tirso de Molina square, where many comrades are present every Sunday with their stands from which they disseminate and preserve the revolutionary and internationalist memory and promote the continuity of the same in the present through the sale of books, documents, posters and other items. There, Samidoun activists had the opportunity to engage in conversation with comrades involved in other struggles, share with them information about the upcoming Masar Badil project and invite them to the Great March that will take place on October 31 at 12 noon in Atocha, explaining the importance of it because it is 104 years since British colonialism opened the door to the rising Zionist movement to completely colonize Palestine.

28 years after the failure of the misnamed “Peace Process” that culminated in the Oslo Accords, all passersby in Tirso de Molina were invited to attend the Great March for Palestine to demand a revolutionary route that advocates the total decolonization of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Late in the morning, the activists toured the entire neighborhood of Lavapiés loaded with posters and leaflets that they handed out in the local stores of the neighborhood. All the workers of the greengrocers, butchers, clothes stores, call shops, bars and restaurants were deeply supportive of the Palestinian liberation cause and allowed the activists to stick posters calling for the Great March of October 31st on the doors of their stores. Similarly, they kept small flyers which they placed on the counter of their stores for customers to pick up and take with them. Of course, all of them were invited to attend with their families and friends, as well as being informed of the Palestinian National Conference to be held on October 28, 29 and 30.

Finally, Samidoun Spain papered the most visible areas of the neighborhoods in the center of Madrid (Embajadores, Tirso de Molina and Lavapiés) with posters announcing the Great March.

Of course, the means of dissemination are never exhausted and just as it is necessary to recover the presence in our streets and direct contact with our neighbors, we also take this opportunity to invite everyone who reads us on networks to attend the solidarity gala to be held on October 30 at the Pilar Bardem Auditorium (Rivas Vaciamadrid) at 19:00h, whose tickets can be purchased at

To close this month of October full of will, strength and desire for freedom, you are all invited on Sunday October 31 at 12 noon to the Great March for Palestine that will take place from Atocha to Sol. Let us all fight for the end of Israeli colonialism, long live free Palestine from the river to the sea!