27 November, Toronto: Resistance And Solidarity Until Liberation

Saturday, 27 November
2 pm
2 Bloor St E
Toronto, ON
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/405277304417689

The Zionist state of Israel operates with complete impunity, from its embedded legal framework to the massive military and diplomatic support it receives from Western governments, particularly, the US and Canada.

Its decades-long colonization of Palestine, home demolitions and ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, ongoing building of settlements, the imprisonment of over 4500 Palestinians in its jails with 520+ under illegal administrative detention orders, its endless attacks and blockade on Gaza, and recently, the designation of 6 civil society organizations as terrorist groups; all are steps in a process to not only silence Palestinians but to control, dominate and eliminate the Palestinian presence on their own land in a process explicitly designed to making the occupation and colonization of Palestine permanent.

Israel continues to colonize and kill Palestinians using its fraudulent claim of “self-defense,” but we are not deceived! The world is not deceived!

It’s time to put a stop to Israel’s exceptionalism, time to hold the Zionist state accountable for its crimes.

It’s time for sanctions.

It’s time for Palestine to be free from the river to the sea.

Join Actions4Palestine, Palestinian Youth Movement, Independent Jewish Voices, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Association of Palestinian Students UTM, Samidoun and Faculty4Palestine to honour the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Saturday November 27@ 2 PM EST, and to affirm that every day is a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people until they return to a liberated Palestine.