Georges Abdallah’s message from French prisons to Samah Idriss in Beirut

As the film “Fedayin,” focusing on Georges Abdallah’s struggle for liberation from 37 years of French imprisonment, debuts in Lebanon, the imprisoned Lebanese Arab struggler for Palestine sent a message of solidarity to Dr. Samah Idriss, the Arab revolutionary intellectual struggling with illness in Beirut. Samah Idriss is one of the founders of the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of “Israel” in Lebanon and the editor-in-chief of Al-Adab magazine.

Below is the text of the letter (originally in Arabic):

Dear comrade Samah,

Greetings of steadfastness and continuous struggle, and warm greetings filled with hope to meet you in complete health. All of the beloved ones and dear comrades around you strengthen your solid will with their love, appreciation and affection for you.

Dr. Samah, the echo of the setbacks in your health weighs heavily in our detention cells, but our confidence is great in your recovery. Stay safe, stubborn comrade, and remain a beacon for the path to liberate Palestine and the masses of our Arab nation.

With sincere solidarity and appreciation to you and all of your loved ones, for continuous struggle and revolution

Your friend,

Georges Abdallah
Lannemezan Prison

“Georges Abdallah is our high example, and no matter how insufficient our efforts have so far been to obtain his liberation, Georges remains a trust in our soul until the last moment…and beyond the last moment,” Samah Idriss said, responding to the solidarity message and expressing his commitment to see the liberation of Abdallah and his return to his homeland, Lebanon.