#FreeThemAll: Palestinian prisoners striking for justice and liberation – join the social media storm!

Today, join National Students for Justice in Palestine, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and IDOC Watch for a day of action to free all Palestinian political prisoners and support those on hunger strike for freedom from administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial.

CALL TO ACTION: December 1st at 10:00 PT/12:00 CT/1:00 ET/ 8:00 Palestine


  1. Join the social media day of action on December 1st! Start Tweeting and posting on Instagram with the hashtag #FreeThemAll #Strike4Freedom at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, 7 pm central Europe, 8 pm Palestine. CLICK HERE FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT (You can also download the graphics here!)
  2. Take the salt water challenge! Gather with your comrades, organizations, colleagues and friends to sip salt and water (symbolizing the salt and water Palestinian hunger strikers rely on) together. You can even do it alone and post the video on your social media — or gather together for a protest action. CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE SCRIPT IN ENGLISH, ARABIC, SPANISH AND ITALIAN

Hisham Abu Hawash, 39, has continued his hunger strike for 106 days. He is jailed without charge or trial under Israel’s “administrative detention,” a systematic policy of imprisonment of Palestinians on the basis of “secret evidence.” Even their lawyers are denied access to allegations against them. 

Administrative detention is one of Israel’s colonial weapons against the Palestinian people. Palestinians like Hisham are forced to fight back with their bodies and empty stomachs, putting their lives on the line in hunger strikes for freedom. We call for freedom for Palestinians on hunger strike — and an end to the systems of administrative detention, military imprisonment and colonialism in Palestine. We also call for an end to colonial incarceration from the US to Palestine 

Administrative detention was first used in Palestine by the British colonial mandate and then adopted by the Zionist regime; it is now used routinely to target Palestinians, especially community leaders, activists, and influential people in their towns, camps and villages.

There are currently over 500 Palestinians jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention, out of 4,650 Palestinian political prisoners. These orders are issued by the military and approved by military courts on the basis of “secret evidence”, denied to both Palestinian detainees and their attorneys. Issued for up to six months at a time, they are indefinitely renewable, and Palestinians — including minor children — can spend years jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention.

Hisham Abu Hawash is on hunger strike for 106 because he is fighting back against this system. Today, we call for justice and liberation for all prisoners of colonialism. 

Join us! Get your sample tweets and instagram posts here: CLICK HERE FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT