Samidoun Deutschland event discusses Palestinians in exile in the liberation struggle

Samidoun Deutschland organized a political symposium in Berlin on Tuesday, 28 December, addressing the situation of Palestinians in exile and diaspora and their central role in the struggle to liberate Palestine and confront attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause. Specifically, they discussed the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path (Masar Badil) and its focus on rehabilitating the centrality of return and liberation to organizing the Palestinian national movement.

The speakers at the event focused on the failure of all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause despite Zionist, imperialist and reactionary forces attempting to impose surrender upon the Palestinian people and confiscate the role of Palestinians in exile and diaspora. They also addressed the need to build an alternative revolutionary path to stimulate the organizing of the Palestinian student movement, women’s movement and labor movement and strengthen their ranks to overcome the dispersion and submission that has been imposed upon these movements through the Oslo Accords and their aftermath, especially through the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the reactionary forces supporting it and sustaining its “security coordination” with the Israeli occupation.

The event presented the general principles on which the Masar Badil movement was founded in Madrid, Sao Paulo and Beirut in November 2021, the documents of the founding conferences, and the goals and decisions reached by them. The speakers also emphasized the need to overturn and isolate the Palestinian Authority project and the so-called “two state solution,” and instead to struggle for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.

The speakers also highlighted the priorities identified by the movement for the next stage of the Palestinian struggle, especially with regard to the right of return, supporting the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and the core principles behind which the Palestinian people unite inside and outside Palestine in order to develop the liberation movement in its Palestinian, Arab and international dimensions.

Watch the event video (in Arabic):