#Palestine2022 campaign aims to bring Palestine into the French presidential campaign

In the 2022 French presidential election campaign, Palestine is largely absent from the mainstream discussion, despite the fact that it should be a central issue in addressing France’s foreign policy. French governments have always actively supported Israel, a colonial and racist state. France plays a key role in the oppression of the Palestinian people, including through its decisive support for Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, imprisoning struggler for Palestine Georges Abdallah, free trade agreements and criminalization of solidarity.

Collectif Palestine Vaincra is launching the #Palestine2022 campaign to bring Palestine into the debate and demand an end to French cooperation with Israeli apartheid during the French presidential election campaign!

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Platform points of the #Palestine2022 campaign:

Denounce the criminalization of support for Palestine

  • Defend the right to boycott Israel: repeal the Alliot-Marie, Mercier and Dupond-Moretti circulars (to prosecute boycott, divestment and sanctions activity)
  • Reject the IHRA’s definition of anti-Semitism, which conflates anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
  • Denounce the criminalization of Palestinian organizations and the Palestinian solidarity movement
  • Support Salah Hamouri, French-Palestinian lawyer threatened with expulsion from Jerusalem where he was born
  • Demand the removal of Palestinian organizations from the list of “terrorist organizations” of the European Union

Stop economic and cultural cooperation with Israel

  • End the free trade agreements between Israel and France, in particular within the framework of the EUROMED agreements
  • Exclude Israel from the Horizon Europe agreement for innovation and research
  • Stop investments by French companies in Israel, especially in illegal West Bank settlements
  • End twinning between French towns and Israeli towns

Stop all forms of military cooperation

  • Impose a military embargo against Israel
  • Stop collaboration with Israeli military companies
  • Stop the incorporation of French citizens and dual citizens into the Israeli army
  • Stop the funding of the Israeli army by French associations

Demand the release of Georges Abdallah
Lebanese communist and struggler for Palestine, he has been imprisoned in France since 1984 despite being eligible for release since 1999. He is one of the 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners who are detained not only by the Israeli occupation but also by its allies such as France, the United States or Saudi Arabia.

Supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people here also means fighting against France’s complicity with Israeli apartheid. It is therefore essential to join the collectives and associations organizing to strengthen this solidarity and anti-colonialist mobilization.

Original source: Collectif Palestine Vaincra