Sweden solidarity with Palestinian prisoners: Actions in Växjö and Gothenburg

Despite snowy weather and below-freezing temperatures, dozens of people came out in Växjö, Sweden on 5 January to celebrate the victory of Hisham Abu Hawash in his hunger strike and call for the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners.

A 12-year-old Palestinian child, Lara, from Gaza, spoke at the event, recalling the story of Abu Hawash’s hunger strike as well as other recent Palestinian hunger strikers who won their freedom from administrative detention. She declared, “We are gathering in support of all of our prisoners who continue their struggles in different ways, not least of which is the battle of empty stomachs.”

She highlighted the struggle to end administrative detention, Israeli imprisonment without charge or trial currently imposed on approximately 500 of the 4,500 Palestinian political prisoners. She emphasized that Palestinians will continue to struggle for freedom despite all forms of oppression. The protest was organized by the Masar Badil Sweden chapter, Samidoun Sweden and local Palestinian community organizations.

In Gothenburg, Palestine solidarity and community organizations came together on Thursday, 6 January to celebrate the victory of Hisham Abu Hawash and call for freedom for all Palestinian prisoners. Samidoun Göteborg joined fellow Palestine support organizations in the center of Gothenburg with Palestinian flags, banners and information for passers-by.

Organizers plan to continue actions to support Palestinian prisoners and the liberation of Palestine. To get involved with Samidoun in Sweden and join the actions and events to come, please contact Samidoun Sweden.