20 April, NYC: Emergency Rally to support Palestinian Resistance and Liberation by Any Means Necessary

Wednesday, 20 April
5 pm
Zionist Mission
800 2nd Ave, NYC

NYC Emergency Palestine protest on WEDNESDAY April 20th at 5 PM meet at the Zionist mission, 800 2nd Ave, NY. Join us to demand an end to the ongoing Nakba and escalation of Zionist colonial violence at Al-Aqsa and all of Palestine and declare your support for the heroic Palestinian resistance defending Palestinian people and land, and their right to resist until liberation and return, by any means necessary. We are also rallying in support of Palestinian prisoners and the demand to free them all!

Hundreds of Palestinians continue to be attacked, shot at, beaten, and prevented from worshipping by the Zionist army. Every year in Ramadan these attacks escalate and Palestinian Christians and Muslims alike are risking their lives just fo be able to worship. Zionism has no place in Palestine and it must be eradicated to achieve full liberation.

As we mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day today on April 17th, there are nearly 4,500 Palestinian prisoners behind bars in Zionist jails. 530 are jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention. 160 child prisoners, 32 women prisoners and 549 serving life sentences. Palestinian prisoners are from all areas of occupied Palestine: 70 from occupied Palestine ’48; over 500 Palestinian Jerusalemite prisoners; and 210 Palestinian prisoners from besieged Gaza.

This rally also part of @samidounnetwork’s Call to Action for 10 Days of Struggle for Palestinian Prisoners’ Liberation, 15 to 25 April 2022 and in support of The committee against the dissolution of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, which is being repressed by the French government go to @dissolutioncpv2022 for more information.