30 April, Vancouver: Connecting the Dots – Fundraiser for Anti-Imperialist Organizing

DATE: Saturday, April 30th, 2022
TIME: 6:30p.m. PDT
LOCATION: Grandview Church, 1803 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC, Unceded Coast Salish Homelands
TICKETS: https://ilpsvancouver.square.site/
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/687401942521591/

International League of Peoples’ Struggle is working to build a broad, united mass movement against imperialism and we need your help to do it!

The ILPS in Canada Country Chapter Assembly, to be held in Ottawa from June 1-4, will bring together mass organizations from across the country to take action against Canadian imperialism and militarism.  Our Assembly this year will have two days of mass actions targeting the CANSEC arms fare, a gathering of war profiteers and war criminals which bills itself as ‘Canada’s Largest Global Defense and Security Trade Show’.  And we’re having a two day conference to sharpen our analysis of the specific characteristics of Canadian imperialism and strategize for building a broader, stronger and more effective movement against Canadian imperialism and militarism!
There are local anti imperialist activists, including students and low-wage workers, who would like to attend the Assembly, but for whom the cost is a substantial barrier.  So we’re asking you – our friends, family and comrades who we know share our vision of a world free from imperialist plunder, exploitation and war – to chip in to support this effort!
ILPS values our political independence and does not seek or accept funding from any government, foundation, or other big institution.  We want to build a movement that’s based on the strength of our own communities, our solid organizing and our desire for real transformative change.
Please contribute by buying a ticket for our upcoming fundraiser. TICKETS: https://ilpsvancouver.square.site/