PFLP message for international commemorations of 50th anniversary of Ghassan Kanafani’s assassination

Suhair Khader, a member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, based in the Gaza Strip, has a message to all people around the world, including Palestinians and Arabs in exile and diaspora and internationalists, today commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian revolutionary leader and writer, and co-founder of the PFLP and editor of its journal, Al-Hadaf. The video will be shown at many of the international events honouring Kanafani’s legacy in culture, politics and resistance. Watch the video:

In the name of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and from here, from the headquarters of the Popular Front in the Gaza Strip, we address the daughters and sons of our people in the diaspora and in distant migration, especially the new and young generations. We salute all of you, as you celebrate today the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of the great writer and journalist, our comrade and leader Ghassan Kanafani, the writer, the person, the exceptional artist, one of the founders of our great party, the one who drew its slogans and formulated its first statements and texts.

We promise you on this anniversary that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is still following in the path and footsteps of this great fighter and in the footsteps of all the martyrs of our people on the path of liberation and return until we remove Zionist settler-colonialism from all of Palestine and liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.

In eternal memory of Ghassan Kanafani’s day of eternity, and of his niece, the martyr Lamis Najm, we address the friends and supporters of Palestine and the supporters of our front with a warm comradely greeting from the heart of the Gaza Strip. We join with you at this time in the commemoration of this occasion, not just for the sake of memory. Rather, it is for the celebration of life, work and joint struggle for the future and for liberation, and the realization of the dreams for which Kanafani and the millions of fighters struggled for, towards a better world and an alternative human society.

Turning this occasion into an international day was a correct and revolutionary step. Today we remember the words of the martyred writer Kanafani, who taught us that the cause of Palestine is not the cause of the Palestinians alone, but rather the cause of all revolutionaries and free people in the world. And we learned that defending humanity, justice and rights everywhere is a defense of Palestine and its people. Every victory achieved by the peoples against imperialism, racism and colonialism is a victory for us, and every right that liberation movements and revolutionary democratic forces in the world achieve is a right for Palestine, and it is a victory for Palestine as well. Every revolution that defeats the torturers, racists and exploiters brings us closer to victory over the Zionist colonial entity and the defeat of its racist criminal project called the “State of Israel.”

This is the revolutionary school that Ghassan Kanafani founded for us in thought and struggle, the school that considers the human to be the cause.

Our friends and comrades everywhere,
In memory of Ghassan, we stand with you with our heads held high, because we are still fighting on the front lines and confronting the racist Zionist regime, the tool of imperialism in our region.

In the name of our comrade Secretary-General, the militant leader Ahmed Sa’adat “Abu Ghassan”, and our comrade the militant leader Jamil Mizher “Abu Wadie”, and in the name of the prisoners of the Popular Front and our fighters in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, we send you a warm comradely greeting from the heart of the ongoing confrontation and battle.

Salutes to every artist standing in the face of injustice and exploitation.

Greetings to every free journalist and a free and revolutionary voice in the world who seeks revolutionary change for the freedom of the peoples.

Greetings to all those fighting for freedom and justice, in the Philippines, Colombia, Africa and in South and North America.

Greetings to all the indigenous peoples and nations that are still fighting for their liberation in America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and that when we fight here in Palestine, in Gaza, in the prisons, in the Naqab, Haifa and Jerusalem, we know that we are fighting in your camp as the spearhead of your anti-racist and anti-fascist movement. This is our responsibility and duty towards our Palestinian people and all the peoples of the earth struggling for freedom based on justice and liberation.

Long live the struggle of our Palestinian people everywhere
Long live international solidarity with the Palestinian people
Greetings to our comrades and supporters everywhere
Our victory will surely come!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine