#ElbitEight trial delayed – keep up the fight to #ShutElbitDown!

We are republishing the following statement from Palestine Action on the delay of the Elbit Eight criminal trial in Britain — in which eight Palestine Action activists are being prosecuted on felony charges for taking direct action to disrupt the production of weapons at Israeli arms factories — until November 2023. Please note: the demonstration this Sunday, 9 October, in New York City to #ShutElbitDown is going forward! We encourage everyone to join the NYC action and to continue to support Palestine Action’s ongoing campaigns to #ShutElbitDown once and for all. Learn more about how you can support and get involved with Palestine Action’s important work at their website.

“Resistance against Elbit is a duty, a duty that will be answered regardless of what the British courts have to say.”

The landmark case of the Elbit Eight has been delayed to November 2023, it was decided in a court hearing earlier this week. The charges still stand and are highly politically motivated – an act of calculated lawfare levelled at the movement that shut down an Israeli arms factory. Its delay follows on from three prior delays to the trial over two years – most notably in May 2021, when Gaza was under attack by Israel.

In addition to this, the trial of the Kingsway 3 entered court this week. On the third day it was announced by the judge that the trial would be put on hold to a further date, after Elbit Systems failed to provide necessary evidence pertaining to the company’s activities. Once again, Elbit are shying away from the courts and the prospect of scrutiny they offer.

A number of cases faced by members of Palestine Action have faced significant delay, whilst many have walked free after charges being dropped, owing to “unrealistic prospects of conviction” and the repeated failures of Elbit to provide evidence to the courts. Last month, five activists saw all charges dropped following action taken in July at Elbit subsidiary ‘UAV Engines’, where combat drone parts and engines are manufactured.

Nevertheless, the campaign to prove #ElbitIsGuilty continues, comprising all our ongoing and upcoming legal battles. Regardless of legal outcomes, we know that history will vindicate our actions, whilst Elbit and the international arms trade will be condemned to the dustbin of history. Resistance against Elbit is a duty, a duty that will be answered regardless of what the British courts have to say.

Support activists who #ShutElbitDown in London. Mobilise at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court from 9:30 am on the 11th, 12th and 13th October next week.