Momentum is building for the March for Return and Liberation: Join us in Brussels!

From the streets of Brussels, to Wuppertal and Berlin, to Paris and Toulouse and Amsterdam, the word is spreading on the streets and in our communities: Join us for the grand march on 29 October 2022 as we raise up our collective voices for Palestinian Liberation!

Join the March for Return and Liberation in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday, 29 October 2022. We will march at 2 pm (14h) from Lumumba Square to the European Parliament. 

Our demands include: the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners, the return of Palestinian refugees, total boycott and confrontation of normalization, rejection of imperialism, and defense of the Palestinian people and their resistance. Read our fuller call to action here.

The March is the culmination of the Week for Palestinian Liberation. Events and activities will take place every day in Brussels from 24 October to 29 October.

We need your help to make this series of events successful and large! These are grassroots events being organized without staff, with the voluntary commitment of activists and organizations working to liberate Palestine.  From bringing students and youth to attend the march to hosting events and venues to making signs and banners, grassroots donations are critical to success.  Click here to make a donation today to support these events.

Visit the website for the March:

Check out this video from Samaher Mrooj, Palestinian refugee in Jordan, calling for the March for Return and Liberation!

I am Samaher Mrooj, a refugee from the occupied city of Bisan. My message to the march of return and liberation in the shatat (exile/diaspora). 

We are calling for the widest participation, to give no concessions of our rights and to uphold the alternative revolutionary path. 
We reject all accords with the Zionists, particularly Camp David, Oslo and Wadi Araba. We reject normalization in all of its forms. 

The liberation of Palestinian prisoners is a national, Arab and an international task.

We demand the breaking of the siege of our people in Gaza and the unity of all political trends of the Arab nation from the Gulf to the ocean in confronting colonization in all of its forms. 

The right of return is a sacred right and it is the essence of the Palestinian cause. It is time for us, refugees, to take our rights and reject marginalization.

Watch all of our videos: from Khaled al-Batsh, Salman Abu Sitta, Sawsan al-Khuli, Father Manuel Musallam, Fr. Atallah Hanna, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, Najah Wakim, Mohammed Hashisho, Simaan Khoury, Olivia Zemor and many more at our website!


Please note, these are the main events in Brussels! Please visit our website for more events!

Saturday 22/10: March for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah. Lannemezan, France. For more info:

Monday 24/10: Presentation by Luk Vervaet of the anthology, Sumud: Words of resistance from Palestinian prisoners , with Ahmed Frassini, a Palestinian prisoner as a child who is currently working in a campaign to recover the bodies of Palestinian prisoners that Israel refuses to return7 pm (19h) At the Novembre bookstore, 38 rue du Fort, 1060 Brussels.

Tuesday 25/10: Presentation of the Works of Mohamed Boudia. Mohamed Boudia was a fighter for the independence of Algeria; he joined the Palestinian revolution and was assassinated by the Israeli secret services in Paris in 1975. 7 pm (19h) At the Météores bookshop, 207 rue Blaes, 1000 Brussels.

Wednesday 26/10: “Return from Palestine” evening organized by La Grue collective. Two young activists report back on their experiences in Palestine. 7 pm (19h), at  Sacco-Vanzetti, 54 chaussée de Forest, 1060 Brussels

Thursday 27/10: European Parliament forum on Palestinian refugees. 11 am at the European Parliament. REGISTRATION REQUIRED IN ADVANCE. To register, email

Thursday 27/10: International forum on solidarity with Palestinian prisoners organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.  7 pm (19h) At the Salle Aurore, rue du Midi 162,  1000 Brussels.

Friday 28/10: Secours Rouge International conference on the history of the links between the revolutionary movements of Palestine, Europe, the Arab region and elsewhere. More info: 7 pm (19h) At DK, 70B rue du Danemark, 1060 Brussels.

Saturday 29/10: CENTRAL EVENT: March for return and liberation.  Departure 2 p.m. Square Lumumba, Porte de Namur, 1050 Brussels; Marching to the European Parliament.

Sunday 30/10: Open Palestinian Youth Forum. Toward a revolutionary youth and student movement. 12 pm, At Sacco-Vanetti,  54 chaussée de Forest, 1060 Brussels

Sunday 30/10: The Revolutionary Alternative in the Thought of Fathi Shiqaqi. Lecture in Arabic by Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat. 6 pm (18h) At DK, 70B rue du Danemark, 1060 Brussels.

During this weekExhibition of posters by Marc Rudin. The Swiss graphic designer Marc Rudin joined the Palestinian revolution in Lebanon and then in Syria., producing dozens of posters for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  Exhibition organized by the Revolutionäre Jugend Zürich. Steki, 4&6 rue Gustave Defnet, 1060 Brussels

Dozens of organizations have already endorsed the March for Return and Liberation.
The March for Return and Liberation is organized by the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement (Masar Badil.) The Masar Badil is a Palestinian popular movement that aims for a Palestinian united national front to confront the occupier, bring down collaborationist entities and struggle against Zionism, imperialism and reactionary regimes.

It is being endorsed and organized by Palestinian, Arab and international organizations that support the principles of this action. Check out the growing list on our website! Organizations are invited to endorse: Click here to send your endorsement.