10 December, Vancouver: Human Rights Day Rally — Defend the Defenders, Stop State Terror

Saturday, 10 December
12 pm
Commercial/Broadway Skytrain Station
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/448358687274121

Defend The Defenders, Stop State Terror

On the International Day for Human Rights, join local organizations from the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS) for a solidarity rally. Hear reports from peoples’ struggles for justice and liberation across the world as we unite to demand people’s basic democratic rights and economic justice.

Disasters caused by capitalism, which include the climate crisis, the economic crisis and constant imperialist wars, are only getting worse. Human rights advocates, land defenders and other people committed to justice are facing increasing repression in the form of red-tagging, militarization of communities, imprisonment and extrajudicial killings.

As 2022 draws to a close, working people around the world are faced with inflation and rising costs of living, low wages, and precarious work. Unions in Canada have had to mobilize to defend things as basic as the right of workers to go on strike and negotiate their contract with their employer. Peasants throughout the global south struggle for basic subsistence as big landlords and international corporations monopolize their rightful lands and exploit their labour. While world leaders hesitate to pursue even the most moderate reforms to address climate change, the farmers who grow our food are driven to desperation by droughts, hurricanes and floods caused by imperialist global warming. We affirm that economic rights and environmental justice are part of the basic rights of all people!

Although our problems are worsening, our capacity to stand up and fight back is also growing. We are part of a broad wave of people’s resistance around the world that is rising up to stop imperialist aggression, block capitalist plunder, liberate the land and resist state terror! Defend People’s Rights! Long Live International Solidarity!