Massacre in Jenin: Resistance continues amid occupation killing of at least 9 Palestinians

This morning, occupation forces carried out a massacre in Jenin amid widespread Palestinian resistance. Occupation forces killed nine Palestinian martyrs, including a 61-year-old woman, and they were denied medical attention due to the presence of both occupation snipers and tear gas/targetting of hospitals and makeshift clinics. Occupation forces rampaged through the streets, targeting Palestinian civilian homes with RPGs and live bullets while using bulldozers to overturn residents’ cars in a deliberate callback to the 2002 Jenin massacre.

The following are the latest details that we have regarding the names of the martyrs of Jenin:

1- The martyr Ezz El-Din Yassin Zaid (19 years old) – from Jenin camp.
2- The martyr Saeb Essam Mahmoud Zreiki (26 years old).
3- The martyr Abdullah Marwan Al-Ghoul (18 years old).
4- Martyr Mohammad Sadeq Jarrar (23 years old)
5- Martyr Magda Obaid (61 years old)
6- Martyr Mutasim Mahmoud Abu Al-Hassan (21 years old) – Al-Yamoun
7- Martyr Amjad Aref Al-Jaas (22 years old) – Jenin camp
8- Martyr Nour Sami Ghoneim – Burqin
9- Martyr Mohammad Sami Ghoneim – Burqin

There are at least 20 injured, some critically, and the number of the martyrs is expected to rise. Ahmad Ghoneim, the brother of Nour and Mohammed, is in severely critical condition. A general strike has been called throughout the West Bank and Palestinians have taken to the streets in thousands to mourn the martyrs and confront the occupiers with resistance, from the colonially imposed borders of Gaza to checkpoints and military bases throughout occupied Palestine.

As always, these attacks are combined with kidnappings and arrests — imprisonment and extrajudicial killing are dual crimes of the colonizer. Among those seized by the occupation is Ziad Sabbagh, the son of Ala’ Sabbagh, a martyr of Jenin in the Al-Aqsa Intifada.

Jenin is bleeding and resisting, refusing security coordination with the occupation and continuing to struggle, despite massacre after massacre, with the entire Palestinian people for the liberation of Palestine. This latest massacre must urge us all to take action and organize, to support the Palestinian people and their resistance on the front lines of struggle for justice and liberation.