Rotterdam marches for Palestine on the Days of Rage and Resistance

Samidoun Netherlands and the Masar Badil — the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path — held a march and rally in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday, 11 February, as part of the Days of Rage and Resistance. Protesters rallied against the massacres in Palestine, including the recent massacre in Jenin, against the crimes of the occupation and in support of the Palestinian people and their heroic resistance.

The rally included the participation of Turkish, Kurdish and Filipino comrades as well as the Palestinian Community in the Netherlands, Revolutionaire Eenheid and Socialisten 010. It came alongside other events in Toulouse, Brussels, Madrid, Vancouver, Gothenburg, Berlin, Paris, Turcuman and other cities and communities around the world.

Participants marched through working-class neighbourhoods in Rotterdam, where passers-by raised their hands in support and honked their horns to show solidarity with Palestine.

The marchers chanted for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and the boycott of Israel.

They carried signs and posters for martyrs like Ibrahim al-Nabulsi and for Palestinian prisoners, especially the women prisoners who have come under attack by occupation forces in recent weeks, including Israa Jaabis and Amani al-Hashem.

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