Supporters of Palestine confront war criminal Netanyahu’s visit in Paris

Photo: Audrey MG

From 2 to 5 February 2023, Israeli war criminal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was hosted in Paris by the French government. On this occasion, he met French President Emmanuel Macron as well as figures from the business sector and representatives of organizations that aim to fight the growing movement to boycott Israel in France. Faced with this renewed collaboration with the Israeli war criminal regime, various mobilizations have been organized by supporters of justice in Palestine in Paris. On the evening of Thursday, 2 February, activists from the Boycott Apartheid Israel – Paris Banlieue CollectiveAFPS Paris 14-6 and Paris Sud, Samidoun Paris Banlieue, the French Jewish Union for Peace and CAPJPO-EuroPalestine organized a spontaneous rally at the Invalides, carrying signs and banners: “From Gaza to Jenin, long live Palestinian resistance” and “Stop collaboration with the criminal Israeli state” . 

On Saturday afternoon, 4 February, CAPJPO-EuroPalestine organized a rally in the heart of downtown Paris to denounce the arrival of Netanyahu and to affirm clear support for the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people in the face of colonialism, occupation and apartheid. Bringing together several hundred people, various organizations were also present, in particular the Collective Boycott Apartheid Israel – Paris Banlieue , the Association of Palestinians in Île-de-France, Samidoun Paris Banlieue, sections of the AFPS, Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre and the NPA Paris.


Photo credit: Audrey MG

For several hours, the demonstrators chanted pro-Palestinian slogans like “Palestine will live, fascism will not pass,” paid tribute to the martyrs of Jenin and all of Palestine and denounced the complicity of the French government with the Israeli occupation. Olivia Zémor of EuroPalestine particularly denounced the recent cancellation of a conference in Lyon with Franco-Palestinian lawyer and former political prisoner forcibly deported from his homeland, Salah Hamouri, following pressure from far-right Zionist organizations and even from the Interior Ministry. Faced with this new attack on freedom of expression, she emphasized that an action was organized in Lyon to highlight the reality of the occupation, in particular mass imprisonment and extra-judicial executions.

Photo: Audrey MG

A young activist from EuroPalestine also emphasized the legitimacy of Palestinian resistance, including armed and popular resistance, in confronting Israeli State terrorism. He ended his speech by chanting “Long live the resistance of the Palestinian people!” Another young woman took the floor to call for the intensification of the boycott of Israel as one of our weapons to fight the colonial economy, in particular urging the boycott of TEVA, PUMA and Carrefour. The gathering continued with other interventions, such as that of the Collectif BAI – PB, then concluded with a dabké dance paying homage to the immense richness of Palestinian culture.

Photo: Audrey MG

The next day, a huge banner was unfurled in downtown Paris where it read “Israel assassin, Macron complice” (Israel is the assassin, Macron complicit) to denounce the intensified complicity of France with the Israeli occupation.

Samidoun Paris Banlieue warmly thanks all the people who have supported and engaged during these activities and underlines the importance of building a broad and united mobilization to face the major challenges ahead. As the Israeli far right regime increases its attacks against the Palestinian people, we must intensify our support for the resistance until the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. To participate in our activities and find all of our actions and mobilizations, do not hesitate to contact us on our social networks (Instagram,  Facebook,  Twitter) or by email at