1 April, Twitter Storm: #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah – Mark Georges Abdallah’s Birthday with a Call for Freedom

 #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah
Twitter Storm
Saturday, 1 April 2023

10 am Pacific – 1 pm Eastern –  7 pm central Europe – 8 pm Palestine and Lebanon
Use the hashtags  #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah
Sample Tweets: https://bit.ly/freegeorgestweets
Event FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/3316479711938622/

Tag: @EmmanuelMacron @GDarmanin to direct your demand to French officials! Tag @Najib_Mikati to ensure Lebanon’s prime Minister hears the message.

As part of the International Week of Actions for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah, and on the eve of his 72nd birthday, Samidoun will be joining the National Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah for a Twitter storm!

Demand France release the Arab struggler for Palestine, the longest-held political prisoner in Europe, jailed for nearly 39 years.

تدعوكم “الحملة الوطنية لتحرير الأسير جورج عبدالله” إلى تذكير العالم “الحر” بأن جورج عبدالله هو أقدم أسير سياسي في أوروبا، وذلك على موقع تويتر، عشية عيد ميلاده الثاني والسبعين (تجدون التاريخ والساعة والهاشتاغ على الصورة أعلاه)

بيان الحملة :


Dans le cadre de la “Semaine internationale d’actions pour la libération de Georges Abdallah”, nous vous appelons à rejoindre la “Campagne nationale pour la libération de Georges Abdallah” pour célébrer son 72e anniversaire, sur la plateforme “Twitter”, afin de rappeler le monde que la France détient le plus ancien prisonnier politique d’Europe.

Pour plus d’informations : https://liberonsgeorges.samizdat.net

Sample Tweets: https://bit.ly/freegeorgestweets

Palestine and Georges Abdallah at the heart of demonstrations against Macron’s anti-worker 'reforms' in Toulouse #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron @GDarmanin Click To Tweet The world is speaking out! Free Georges Abdallah! The call echoes throughout France and around the world #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah Click To Tweet From France to Palestine, one struggle! Georges Abdallah launches one-day solidarity strike for Palestinian prisoners #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron @GDarmanin Click To Tweet Who is Georges Ibrahim Abdallah? Learn about his case and demand his liberation. #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Click To Tweet From France to Beirut to Palestine, we raise our voices together: Free Georges Abdallah! #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Click To Tweet Libérez Georges Abdallah, communiste libanais emprisonné en France depuis 1984 et libérable depuis 1999 ! #Macron #FreeGeorgesAbdallah @EmmanuelMacron Click To Tweet