17 March, NYC: Demonstration: Condemn massacres in Jenin and Nablus and Honor the Martyrs!

Friday, 17 March
5:30 pm
Outside the United Nations
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CptWkyIO5p0/

Join us this Friday March 17th as we take to the streets to condemn the latest massacres in Jenin and Nablus, honor our martyrs, defend the Palestinian right to resist & mobilize as part of the International Week of Action to Liberate the Remains of Palestinian Martyrs.

NYC Rally In Solidarity With Jenin • Nablus • Huwarra • Palestine • Friday March 17th 2023 • 5:30 pm • Outside the United Nations

Over 150 organizations have endorsed the campaign and the week of action, which is already underway, taking place from March 11th-18th. In recent days, actions have been held in Palestine and Germany, with seminars taking place throughout the week online in Arabic with English translation, featuring the parents and family members of martyrs whose remains are withheld by the zionist occupation.

There are over 250 Palestinian martyrs whose bodies are held in the “numbers cemeteries,” where Palestinians are buried with numbers, rather than their names. And over 130 Palestinian martyrs’ bodies are currently being held in the occupation’s morgues.

Join us this Friday as we bring this campaign and the demands of the martyr’s families to the streets of NYC once again, demand the immediate return of our martyrs remains to their families so that they are able to bury them with dignity. We hope that more organizations across the US and around the world will join the campaign in the coming days by tuning in to the remaining seminars, holding events, posting on social media and bringing the campaign to our communities and campuses.

To sign on and endorse the campaign, and for more information on the events taking place this week and resources, check out @samidounnetwork’s recent posts or visit their campaign page online at samidoun.net or at the link below: