New York City demonstration demands liberation of the remains of Palestinian martyrs

On Friday, 17 March, demonstrators gathered in New York City outside the United Nations to demand the liberation of the remains of Palestinian martyrs and express solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for liberation from the river to the sea. The demonstration, organized by Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine and Samidoun NY/NJ together with American Muslims for Palestine – NJ, CUNY4Palestine, CUNY Law SJP and Palestinian Youth Movement, also showed outrage at the massacres targeting Palestinians in Jenin, Nablus, Huwwara, and elsewhere throughout occupied Palestine.

In addition to all of the organizing groups, the demonstration was also joined by the Orthodox Jews of Neturei Karta, who delivered a strong anti-Zionist message.

Hassan of Samidoun NY/NJ spoke about the campaign to liberate the martyrs’ bodies, quoting the mothers and fathers of the martyrs whose bodies remain confiscated by the occupation and noting that the Israeli regime seeks to deny Palestinians even the right to mourn. He called for action to show support to the Palestinian people and their resistance.

Demonstrators marched through the streets of New York, chanting, “Free our martyrs! Free them all! Zionism must fall!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

Samidoun NY/NJ will host its next event on Saturday, 25 March together with Within Our Lifetime, the Palestinian Youth Movement and Cinemovil NYC, where they will screen “Fedayin: Georges Abdallah’s Fight.” To learn more or get involved, visit Samidoun NY/NJ on Instagram or Twitter.