Samidoun Albuquerque Highlights Defense of Al Aqsa and Palestine Solidarity Struggle

Around 30 people gathered in front of the University of New Mexico bookstore, on Tiwa Territories (Albuquerque, New Mexico) to highlight the Zionist invasion of Al Aqsa during the holy days of Ramadan and to show solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Micheáilín Buitléir, longtime activist and member of Samidoun ABQ welcomed the group, spoke about the work of Samidoun with its focus on the Palestinian prisoners’ struggle. They explained that we support all forms of resistance, including armed resistance, and that we encourage people to get involved with us through Facebook or Instagram.

We want to thank the Answer Coalition for providing the sound system and their members for attending the event.

Samidoun Albuquerque (Samidoun ABQ) member and longtime anti-Zionist Jewish activist Benay Blend closed the event by encouraging everyone to check out the Samidoun webpage for articles about the prisoners’ movement as well as the movement’s events around the world.