Berlin remembers Sheikh Khader Adnan, martyr of freedom

Samidoun Deutschland and fellow Palestinians in Germany remembered Sheikh Khader Adnan today, 2 May, in Berlin, in the heart of the Arab and Palestinian community. Khader Adnan was on hunger strike for 86 days in Israeli occupation prisons, demanding his freedom; he conducted five previous hunger strikes, winning his liberation from administrative detention on four occasions.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network said: “The martyrdom of Sheikh Khader Adnan, the symbol of dignity, freedom and steadfastness, is an Israeli assassination, carried out with forethought and premeditation. It has been clear for the months of this strike that the occupation is determined to eliminate this symbol of prisoners’ resistance and Palestinian sacrifice and commitment and love for his people and land. However, it is also clear that the legacy of Sheikh Khader Adnan will never be eliminated by this practice of Zionist assassination. Instead, like his fellow leaders of the Palestinian revolution and resistance, he is an example of the unbending will of the Palestinian people that would not bow down to colonialism, Zionism and exploitation.”

Palestinian flags and posters of Khader Adnan fluttered over Sonnenallee, the street in Berlin’s Neukölln district that is a bustling heart of Arab and Palestinian community businesses and institutions along with a banner remembering and saluting Khader Adnan and his sacrifices and commitment to the liberation of prisoners and the liberation of Palestine.

Graffiti also appeared on surrounding buildings and grates, an expression of popular anger and outrage over the martyrdom of Sheikh Khader Adnan as well as honouring his commitment to struggle and to the land and people of Palestine, confronting the most dire of circumstances with resistance until his last breath.

These actions reflect that, despite the ongoing persecution, harassment and criminalization directed at the Palestinian community and the solidarity movement in Berlin, from the banning of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day and Al-Quds Day marches, to the threats to ban Nakba 75 commemorations as was done by Berlin authorities in 2022, the will of the community and of Samidoun Deutschland to express their commitment to Palestinian liberation and its love for the heroes, prisoners and martyrs of Palestine can never be suppressed.