Seattleites rally in solidarity with Jenin and denounce Boeing’s war profiteering

On Saturday, 8 July over 50 people united in Seattle’s Ruby Chow Park to rally in opposition to the Zionist invasion of Jenin and show their support for the Palestinian resistance. Ruby Chow Park is situated directly across from the Boeing Propulsion Engineering Lab, where the company assembles engines that are used in the production of military aircraft.

Members of Samidoun Seattle, Resist U.S. Led War, Students United for Palestinian Equality and Return at the University of Washington (SUPER-UW) and Falastiniyat gave speeches highlighting the role of the U.S. government in funding and arming Zionist aggression. 

“At this moment, we must play our part alongside the brave people of Jenin and of Palestine and consciously combine our struggles to confront this military machine of colonialism and occupation,” said Nina Kranzdorf of Samidoun Seattle. 

“In the so called ‘United States’ — the center of global economic and military domination — our popular movements must organize, take to the streets, hold emergency actions and build power that is capable of boycotting and isolating the occupation regime, and breaking the bonds of military cooperation, diplomatic alliance and security collaboration targeting the Palestinian people.” 

Organizers of the event called for the release of Palestinian political prisoner and freedom fighter Walid Daqqah, who has been imprisoned for over 37 years. Currently suffering from a rare bone marrow cancer, his medical condition is rapidly deteriorating and urgently needs a bone marrow transplant that the Zionist entity has repeatedly delayed and denied. 

Speakers also uplifted the names of each martyr while denouncing Boeing’s ties to the Zionist entity and other imperialist wars. 

SUPER-UW and Resist member Alon Lapid explained how the company’s weaponry was deployed directly against Palestinian resistance fighters in Jenin.

“Israel used [Boeing] Apache helicopter fire in the West Bank for the first time since 2002,” they said. “But also for the first time, an Apache helicopter was forced to make a crash landing because it was downed by the Palestinian resistance.”

With attendees chanting “Long live the Intifada, Intifada Intifada!”, the event culminated in a heated march to the Seattle I-5 bridge to drop a banner boldly painted “Long Live the Palestinian Resistance.” 

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