Palestinian Prisoners’ Statement on Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance

A press statement issued by the Higher National Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement in light of the comprehensive aggression against our great Palestinian people, and the massacres facing our proud Gaza.

To the masses of our heroic people… our heroic prisoners inside the prisons…

Greetings of the homeland

The Zionist enemy and its spiteful prison administration have taken punitive and retaliatory measures against the prisoners inside the prisons, after the launch of the military operation Al-Aqsa Flood by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza against the Zionist entity.

Accordingly, we affirm the following:

First: We affirm our confidence in our great Palestinian people, and their ability to continue and withstand the enemy, and to cross this new momentous occasion in the history of our people with all strength and will.

Second: We affirm our high confidence in the Palestinian resistance, which will remain an impenetrable barrier in the face of the enemy.

Third: The prisoners will not accept that their case will be used be a card to pressure their people and their resistance.

Fourth: The Higher National Committee calls on all their brothers and comrades held captive in the prisons to exercise self-restraint, to be wise in the face of the retaliatory measures implemented by the prison administration, and to exercise patience and steadfastness, which, as it has always been, will be our path to inevitable freedom, God willing.

Mercy for the martyrs… healing for the wounded… and freedom for the prisoners

The Higher National Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement