39 Palestinian prisoners in first day of exchange achieved by Palestinian Resistance

On Friday, 24 November, with the start of the four-day “humanitarian pause” in the ongoing Zionist genocide on Gaza, the Palestinian Resistance extracted the liberation of women and children prisoners jailed by the Israeli occupation. Today, 39 prisoners were released in exchange for a group of Israelis detained by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza; each day, a new group of prisoners will be released as part of the ongoing prisoner exchange.

The Resistance has retained custody of the Zionist soldiers that it has taken captive, exchanging women and children for women and children, as well as releasing Thai foreign workers captured by the resistance in the 7 October operation.

The list of Palestinian prisoners released today is:

1. Yousef Mohammad Ata -Ramallah
2. Qusai Hani Ahmad- Bethlehem
3. Jibreel Ghassan Jibreel- Qalqilia
4. Mohamad Ahmad Abu Rajab – Hebron
5. Ahmad Noman abu Naim -Ramallah
6. Bara Bilal Rabei – Hebron
7. Aban Eyad Hammad – Qalqilia
8. Motaz Hatem Abu Iram – Hebron
9. Eyad Abdelqader Khatib – Hizma (Jerusalem)
10. Laith Khalil Othman – Ramallah
11. Mohammad Mahmoud Dar Darweesh – Ramallah
12. Jamal Khalil Barahmeh – Jericho
13. Jamal Yousef Abu Hamdan – Nablus
14. Mohammad Anees Turabi- Nablus
15. Abd Alrahman Abd Alrahman Suliman Rizq- Jerusalem
16. Rawan Nafez Abu Matar- Ramallah
17. Marah Bakir – Jerusalem
18. Malak Suleiman – Jerusalem
19. Amani al-Hashem – Jerusalem
20. Nihaya Sawan – Jerusalem
21. Fairouz Al-Baw – Jerusalem
22. Tahrir Adnan Abu Sariyeh – Nablus
23. Falasteen Nijm- Nablus
24. Wala Tanja – Tulkarem
25. Mariam Arafat Sawafta – Nablus
26. Aseel Al-Titi – Nablus
27. Azhar Assaf -Jerusalem
28. Raghad al-Fani – Tulkarem
29. Fatima Bader -Jerusalem
30. Rawda Abu Ajamiah – Bethlehem
31. Sarah al-Swais – Nablus
32. Fatima Shaheen – Bethlehem
33. Samira Hirbawi – Jerusalem
34. Samah Souf – Qalqilia
35. Fatima Abu Shalal – Nablus
36. Hanan Saleh Barghouthi – Ramallah
37. Fatima Amarneh – Jenin
38. Zeina Raed Abdo – Jerusalem
39. Noor Al Taher – Nablus

Occupation forces attempted to terrorize the families of the prisoners in an attempt to strip the joy of the liberated captives, their families and loved ones; yet throughout occupied Palestine, cries of freedom and liberation rang out alongside solemn salutes to the sacrifices and steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the strength and power of the Palestinian resistance. Over 14,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Zionist occupation forces in a month and a half of the ongoing genocide on Gaza, yet the freedom of these prisoners was obtained through the strength, power and popular support of the resistance on the ground.

In major speeches today, both Ismail Haniyeh, chair of Hamas’ political bureau, and Ziyad Nakhaleh, General Secretary of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, addressed the prisoner exchange. Haniyeh said (translation by Resistance News Network):

The enemy bet on recovering detainees and prisoners held by Qassam and the resistance in Gaza through the barrel of guns, killing, and genocide, but ultimately conceded to the resistance’s terms and the will of our proud people.

Salutations to the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, who are confronting along the entire front of the occupied Al-Jalil and have offered dozens of martyrs alongside our people’s martyrs in Lebanon, the latest being the Qassami martyr Khalil Al-Kharraz.

A special salute to our brothers in Yemen, who have powerfully and capably expressed their anger towards the zionist enemy and their solidarity with their brothers in Gaza and Palestine in their own unique way.

We thank the Iraqi resistance, which participates in this battle with manliness and nobility.

We affirm that we will not leave our positions or abandon our responsibilities towards our people before, during, and after the battle, and we remain committed to the unity of the people, the land, and the destiny.”

Nakhaleh said (translation by Resistance News Network):

“With the resilience of our fighters in the field, we will later force the enemy into a major exchange operation that ensures the liberation of all our prisoners under the principle of ’everyone for everyone.’

This agreement —previously rejected by the enemy under the pretext of forcing the resistance to release their prisoners without conditions— was achieved.

Despite its linguistic arrogance and crimes against civilians, we will force the enemy to rebuild and meet other political conditions that will open important prospects for our people and their freedom.

The aggression was not just a response to the resistance’s act on October 7 but revealed the American President’s vision in linking the aggression with geopolitical arrangements in the Middle East…

I affirm that we will not break or surrender. We will fight and continue to fight, and this choice is now more important than ever. After all these sacrifices, our people confirm that they represent the will of all the free people in the world.”

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes the Palestinian prisoners, their families, communities and comrades; and the Palestinian resistance, linked with the Lebanese, Iraqi, Yemeni and broader Arab and regional resistance forces, on this historic occasion. The liberation of the prisoners today, the first step in the exchange, is also a significant blow achieved by the will, sacrifice, bravery and commitment of the resistance and its popular cradle, the Palestinian people as a whole, against Zionism, imperialism and the reactionary forces that serve their interests, on the road to ending the genocide, breaking the siege on Gaza, liberating all Palestinian prisoners and liberating all of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

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