Dec. 12, Online: How to Resist European state-led crackdown on Palestinian solidarity

Tuesday, December 12
8 pm Europe (7 pm British time, 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern) 
Online Event
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Are you concerned about the state led crackdown on Pro Palestinian solidarity in Europe?

Do you want to learn how to resist this repression and continue to support the Palestinian cause?

Survivors and Experts from all over Europe have come together to speak on this critical issue. The conference will expose state led repression on pro Palestinian support as well as hearing testimonies, and proving you with an opportunity to raise any questions you may have.

Speakers: Zaid Abdulnasser (former coordinator of Samidoun Germany prior to the ban); Fahad Ansari, human rights solicitor (UK); Amanj Aziz, Insan (Sweden); Maria De Cartena, legal and political advisor at Perspectives Musulmanes (France); Amani Hassani, researcher at CEDA (Denmark); Zoe Darling, caseworker at CAGE

Don’t miss out on this vital event.

Register now on the link below to join us in the fight for the liberation of Palestine: