Protest against the visit of war criminal Isaac Herzog to Amsterdam!

Workers for Palestine and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network call on all progressive organizations, social movements and supporters of Palestine to protest on Sunday, March 10, against the visit of the president of the Zionist settler-colonial apartheid state, the war criminal Isaac Herzog, to Amsterdam for the opening of the National Holocaust Museum together with Dutch King Willem-Alexander, Prime Minister Rutte, Austrian Federal President Van der Bellen and German Federal Council President Schwesig.

Workers for Palestine and Samidoun call on all friends of the Palestinian people to join organized demonstrations and to organize their own actions against this visit of a war criminal who has the blood of more than 30,000 Palestinians on his hands. Willem-Alexander, together with Rutte, van der Bellen and Schwesig, also have Palestinian blood on their hands and support the Israeli genocide with money, weapons and words.

The opening of the Holocaust Museum should be about the struggle against racism and fascism. That is the opposite of bringing modern genocide perpetrators together to wash their hands in innocence. The Zionist state abuses the holocaust to justify its own Nazi-style atrocities against the Palestinians. Let this opening be a moment of mass solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are not only victims of genocide, but who are also bravely fighting for justice, liberation and return.

Workers for Palestine and Samidoun call on all Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, Jewish and Christian organizations to actively participate in the demonstrations against Herzog’s arrival and to make their voices heard about the criminal genocide and occupation of Palestine. We call on all social and progressive forces, the alliance of friends of the Palestinian people, to escalate anti-fascist and anti-Zionist actions as part of the global Intifada, and to expel Isaac Herzog from the Netherlands. If there is a place in this country for war criminals, it is in the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Let us join the Palestinian people and their resistance in the struggle for liberation from the river to the sea, and the establishment of a democratic Palestine free from colonialism and racism. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! Boycott Israel!


Public demonstration organized by Erav Rav starts at 11:00 AM on Sunday at Waterlooplein, Amsterdam. Follow their social media for more information.