Prisoners report escalation in occupation attacks during Ramadan

Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons have reported an escalation in the number of attacks and systematic actions by the Israeli Prison administration directed at the observation of Ramadan by Palestinian political prisoners.

Ma’an News has reported that Palestinian prisoners have stated that repression inside the prisons has escalated in the month of Ramadan. Prisoners in Etzion Prison reported that the fast-breaking meal, or iftar, was served after 11 pm, over two hours after sunset. When the meal is served, prisoners reported, it is sparse – Muhammad al-Najjar of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society noted that on Tuesday, prisoners were given 2 pears and 1 peach to be divided among 5 prisoners in one cell.

Prisoners in Nafha prison were subject on August 1 to all-night searches and ransacking of their cells, including a 10-hour-long search that included preventing prisoners from breaking their fast at sundown, and threats of canccelling family visits.