Father Atallah Hanna: We call on the German authorities to lift the ban on Prisoner’s Day marches in Berlin

The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia in occupied Palestine, Father Bishop Atallah Hanna, affirmed his rejection of the repressive policies pursued by the German state against Palestinians and Arabs in Germany. In which the German media and politicians launched a smear campaign against Palestinians that lasted an entire week with the authorities of Berlin concluding the campaign with a ban on all demonstrations commemorating the international day for Palestinian Prisoners on the 15th and 16th of April.

In an audio message he sent to the masses of our people in Germany, he stated the following:

Beloved, dear brothers and sisters

It is regrettable that the German authorities took a decision to ban the activities and marches of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day. This decision could then develop into a ban on Palestinian activities and events in Berlin altogether, on national occasions and on matters related to Jerusalem. We express our condemnation and denunciation of this decision that was taken in Berlin and the ban on actions specifically in Berlin, and we call on the German authorities to retract its decision. There is an Arab community and a Palestinian community in Berlin that are entitled to express their position guaranteed by their right to freedom of speech. Although they live in Germany, their cause is the Palestinian cause and they defend it with many German friends and free people from our Arab nations.

We express also our condemnation and denunciation of this arbitrary and unjust decision that prevents the Palestinians in Berlin from expressing themselves, their message, their presence, their affiliation with their cause, and their defense of Palestine. We call on the authorities to reconsider this issue as soon as possible.

Greetings to our Palestinian community in Germany, specifically in Berlin, and all the members of the Arab community.

Greetings to the friends of Palestine in Germany and around the world, those who defend and support the Palestinian cause.

Listen to the audio recording of the speech by Father Atallah Hanna: