Solidarity with Anti Imperialist Action Ireland!

On Monday 10 April Free State police forces raided the homes of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland, ransacked their houses, confiscated all electronic devices and political literature and arrested at least three people. One of the activists was held for 48 hours and released without charge. As of today, 13 April, all activists have been released. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the raids and arrests of Irish anti-imperialist activists and stands in solidarity as they organize for the liberation and unification of Ireland and free it from colonial and imperialist control.

Last week Anti Imperialist Action Ireland commemorated the 1916 Easter Rising, a landmark event in Irish Republican history. The Irish Free State police regularly disturbs and monitors these commemorations in an attempt to intimidate activists and people. The arrests of this week are an escalation of that harassment against Republican activists and also happened in Derry, where people protested the banning of their local commemoration march by the authorities. The march went ahead anyway, under police surveillance and with youth confronting police in their neighborhood.

These arrests also came as Anti Imperialist Action Ireland was preparing for a demonstration against the presence of U.S. President Joe Biden in Ireland and opposing attempts to bring Ireland into the NATO imperialist military alliance. The arrests and detention coincided with the arrival of Biden to Ireland and the tail end of his presence, before his departure. Nevertheless, AIA activists went ahead with their protest (photo above) rejecting NATO and U.S. imperialism.

Both in the Republic of Ireland and in the North, Irish Republican prisoners are held behind bars for their beliefs and actions in support of the liberation struggle and unification of their land.

As Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network we extend our deepest solidarity to all Irish political prisoners and join the call for their immediate and unconditional release. The causes of the Palestinian and Irish people are deeply linked, especially on the front of the prisoner’s struggle. In times of heightened struggle, confrontation and repression, we emphasize the importance of international solidarity and unity. We call upon all progressives and people of conscious to stand in solidarity with Irish Republican prisoners and take action to free and support them.