PPS reports Issawi remains on open hunger strike for two months

The Palestinian Information Centre reported that a Palestinian Human Rights organization reported the deterioration of the health situation of Jerusalemite prisoner Samer al-Issawi, on hunger strike since 59 days.

Prisoner al-Issawi, 38, has launched an open ended hunger strike on 1st August in protest at his re-arrest by the occupation authorities to continue his sentence of 30 years after being released in a prisoner-exchange deal.

Palestinian Prisoner Society said in a press statement on Friday that the Israeli prison administration is continue its repressive measures against prisoner al-Issawi in an attempt to force him to halt his hunger strike.

According to the statement, the Jerusalemite captive has been suffering extremely serious health deterioration, a constant headache and pains in the muscles and joints, as he became unable to walk normally and lost 15 kilograms of weight.

The Prisoners Club quoted Samer Tarek al-Issawi as saying that the prison administration has insisted on holding him in a cell with six other prisoners who are not on hunger strike in an attempt to undermine his determination. However, he stressed that he will continue his strike until his release.