Prisoners’ health deteriorating, says new report

The Palestine Information Centre reported that there are one thousand and four hundred patient Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, “suffering from deliberate medical neglect that is leading to the deterioration of their health.”

“Ansar al-Asra” Organization warned, in a report released on Saturday, of the seriousness of the prisoners’ health conditions, which has been recently deteriorating.

It called on the Arab and international world to take an effective and firm move to pressure the occupation government to provide the necessary treatment for patient prisoners and stop all repressive measures against them.

The organization stated that 22 patient prisoners are being “isolated” in Ramle Hospital, which is lacking constituents of medical care and specialized medical crews.

It also noted in its report the prisoners are being transferred, handcuffed and under tight guard, to receive treatment in Ramle hospital where they are exposed to raids, sanctions and continuous searches, as revealed by one of the patient captives.

The report added that some prisoners have been suffering psychological illnesses as a result of torture by Israeli intelligence and the prison administration during the interrogation and the long isolation in solitary confinement.