Abdullah Barghouthi’s health condition worsens on 63rd day of hunger strike

abarghoutiPalestine Information Centre – The health condition of prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouthi has seriously deteriorated after two months of hunger strike along with four other Jordanian captives, Mohammad Rimawi, Muneer Mir’i, Hamza al-Dabbas Othman, and Alaa Hammad.

Lawyer Hanan Al-Khatib said that the heartbeat of Barghouthi was as low as 40 per minute and his body was shivering similar to the Parkinson disease especially in the upper part of his body, on July 3, Barghouthi’s 63rd day of hunger strike.

She said that Barghouthi was also suffering from constant headache and blurry vision in addition to liver impairment and his body’s store of energy was dwindling and he could go unconscious anytime especially when he is only taking water and glucose injection.

The lawyer quoted Khatib as saying that he would stop taking glucose by Wednesday 3/7/2013 and would only consume water then at a later stage he would stop drinking water.

Khatib said that three Israeli policemen guard Barghouthi round-the-clock and provoke him by eating all kinds of food in front of him.