Jerusalem protest in solidarity with Jordanian strikers as their condition worsens

jordanian-rallyThe Palestine Information Centre reported that Palestinian Jerusalemite youths rallied in Bab El-Amud on July 3, in occupied Jerusalem in solidarity with Jordanian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

Local sources said that the young men raised the Palestinian and Jordanian flags and photos of the detained captives in addition to posters in various languages demanding their immediate release.

The committee of relatives of Jerusalemite prisoners said that the rally was in response to calls by Jerusalemite youths to stand alongside Jordanian captives especially those on hunger strike.

It said that the hunger strikers are in difficult health conditions and are subjected to Israeli occupation pressures. They have been on hunger strike for 63 days as of July 3.

Shaheen Mir’i, the brother of Jordanian hunger striker Munir Mir’i, said that the conditions of the five Jordanian hunger strikers are very serious, saying their voices have become almost inaudible.