Ill Palestinian prisoners in Ramle subject to abusive raids, Asqelan prisoners continue to boycott clinic

2349077637Palestinian lawyer Hanan al-Khatib reported that a special repressive force called Masada stormed the prison clinic in Ramle at 7:30 pm on July 5, and remained, ransacking the prisoners’ areas, for 6 hours, destroying many prisoners’ belongings.

Riad Amour, a representative of the ill prisoners, said that these “inspections” are common and provocative, many prisoners in the section have disabilities and use wheelchairs and are unable to protect themselves or their property.

16 ill prisoners in the clinic returned their meals in protest of the raid, saying that if these raids continue they will boycott their medicine, said Khatib. She warned that several prisoners ar not receiving their medicine, including Moqadah Mansour, who has a tumor on his neck that is feared to be cancerous, but the prison will not send him to an outside hospital for examination or treatment. She also noted the deteriorating conditions of other prisoners, such as Moatassem Raddad, who is a cancer patient who needs monthly injections, but only receives them every 2 months on the ground that they are too expensive. She also said that Nahed Aqrah’s health status is still difficult after his second foot was amputated, and the area continues to be inflamed and painful.

Reports also came from Asqelan prison that the number of ill prisoners continue to increase, as prisoners continue to boycott the prison clinic in protest of medical neglect and mistreatment.

Nasser Abu Hamid, representative of Asqelan prisoners, said through his lawyer that some prisoners have stopped taking medicine, such as Samer Abu Leila and Yousef Nadjah, in protest of medical mistreatment. Hazem Abu Eid, a prisoner from al-Khalil, arrested on June 26, 2013, is suffering an injury in his abdomen, knee, and right leg due to being shot, and needs knee surgery. There are 11 difficult cases in Asqelan prison, including Muhammed Brash, who is hard of hearing, his left leg has been amputated, and his vision in his left eye is severely impaired; Naim Shawamre, who has serious laryngeal problems; Hazem Abu Eid (above); Mohammed Daoud, with severe dental problems, high blood pressure, and psoriasis; Fouad Shoubaki, who has hemorrhoids and high bood pressure; Sharif Naji, with high blood pressure, stomach ailments and high cholesterol; Ahmed Al Jaafar, with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease; Ahmed Shehadeh, with hypertension and diabetes; Muntasser Abu Ghalyoun, who has eye problems; Samer Abu Leila, who has high blood pressure and heart disease; and Othman Younes, whose fingers of his left hand were amputated and who suffers from intestinal problems.