Palestinian prisoner Hussam Mattar penalized for hunger strike

mattarPalestinian prisoner Hussam Mattar, from Jerusalem, has been on hunger strike since June 1, 2013 and is currently suffering from pain throughout his body. Mattar’s wife reported that the prison administration is imposing severe penalties on her husband in order to pressure him to suspend his hunger strike.

Fines have been imposed upon him, he has been barred from family visits, and transferred from prison to prison.

She reported that he has been transferred from isolation in Nafha, to Ohla Kedar in Bir Saba, where he was held for four days, then returned back to Nafha for one night, then back to Ohla Kedar for one night, and then to isolation in Asqelan prison.

The cell is only two meters by 1.5 meters, lacking the minimum necessities, and is infested with insects and cockroaches, with surveillance cameras inside the cell. Mattar’s lawyer reported that he is suffering from severe head, muscle and kidney pain and has lost 22 kg during his strike. Mattar was arrested on October 19, 2007, sentenced to life imprisonment, and is the father of 2 children, Saqr (7) and Nasrallah (5). He is demanding his freedom, and to be recognized as a prisoner of war.