Palestinian academic Fadi Asideh arrested as he returned to Palestine from completing his Ph.D.

fadi-asidaIsraeli forces arrested Al-Najah University lecturer Dr. Fadi Asideh on July 4 on the Karama bridge, as he returned to Palestine from Malaysia after completing his Ph.D. in Arabic language. Asideh is from the town of Tel in Nablus.

Fuad Khuffash, director of Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights, said that Asideh, who left the country in July 2009 for his studies, recently was awarded his doctoral degree in Arabic language from the University of Malaysia, and that as he decided to return to serve his country he was arrested by the occupation and moved to Petah Tikva interrogation center.

Khuffash stated that Israel has been imposing an intellectual siege on the Palestinians through the ongoing arrests of academics and lecturers. The occupation holds in its jails six Palestinian academics. Asideh’s brother, Mohammad, is also held in occupation prisons.