PFLP prison branch rejects demands that Mohammad Rimawi end hunger strike

rimawiiiThe Israel Prison Services abruptly demanded to meet with the leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine prison branch on Thursday, July 4, in an attempt to pressure them to convince PFLP leader and Jordanian hunger striker Mohammad Rimawi to break his open hunger strike that has now continued for 65 days. Rimawi is one of five Palestinian prisoners with Jordanian citizenship who have been engaged in a 65-day hunger strike, along with Abdullah Barghouthi, Muneer Mar’i, Alaa Hammad, and Hamza Othman al-Dabbas.

The IPS demanded the leadership of the PFLP inside the prisons call upon Rimawi to lift his strike, which they inside the prisons rejected, saying they stand fully with the Jordanian prisoners on hunger strike and particularly Rimawi.

The PFLP leadership emphasized their support for the demands of the Jordanian prisoners and the justice of their cause, warning the Zionist prison officials of the consequences of deterioriation in their health and the seriousness of their situation, particularly as some, including Rimawi, suffer from serious diseases.

The Front leadership in the prisons called on the Palestinian, Jordanian and Arab people to engage in the broadest campaign of solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, and called upon people around the world to pressure their governments to take action to save the lives of the hunger striking prisoners.

There were additional multiple reports that Abdullah Barghouthi’s health is significantly worsening after suffering multiple assaults by his jailors.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee in Nablus visited Beit Rima, the hometown of Mohammad Rimawi and Abdullah Barghouthi, after visiting the homes of imprisoned PFLP general secretary Ahmad Sa’adat and leader Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh. The delegation met with families of the prisoners in Beit Rima and emphasized the importance of supporting all prisoners and their families, especially those on hunger strike.