Israeli Supreme Court rejects petition of Hareebat and Al-Tabeesh

hareebat-atabeeshThe Israeli Supreme Court rejected the petition on behalf of Palestinian administrative detainees Adel Hareebat and Ayman Al-Tabeesh, who have been on hunger strike since May 23.

Jawad Boulous, director of the legal unit of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, said that the three-judge panel rejected the petition without giing any justification, simply saying they rejected the petition after reviewing the secret evidence. The court hearing took place without the presence of Hareebat and Al-Tabeesh, who are currently held in Kaplan hospital.

Hareebat and Al-Tabeesh have engaged from time to time in protests by rejecting water and vitamins. Their doctors at the hospital issued a report that their muscles are atrophying, placing them at an advanced stage of risk. They are held in administrative detention, without charge or trial.

Boulos said that the occupation courts have “proven once again that they are not a space for Palestinians to seek justice or relief from oppression. Their ears are closed to what is said to them on behalf of prisoners arbitrarily detained without charge or trial, but are open widely to the secret statements of the Shabak intelligence behind closed doors.”

Hareebat was previously detained, and released in 2008. Al-Tabeesh was released in 2010 after three years in administrative detention.