Rafah municipality holds day of solidarity with Abdullah Barghouthi as health threatened in 91st day of hunger strike

abdullah-bRafah municipality held a day of solidarity with hunger striking prisoner Abdullah Barghouthi, who has been engaged in a hunger strike for 91 days. Barghouthi is currently held in Afula hospital, shackled to his bed. Osama Abu Zayd of Rafah municipality said that it is a national duty to support all political prisoners and prisoners of war.

The health condition of prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouthi has seriously deteriorated after 91 days of hunger strike along with four other Jordanian captives.

Meanwhile, Palestinian lawyer Mohammed Al Shayeb, who visited Barghouthi on August 1 in Afula, warned of the serious deterioration of the striker’s health condition due to his continued hunger strike.

The lawyer quoted the prison doctor as saying that Barghouthi risks death at any moment, noting that his medical condition is monitored twice a day to check his heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels.

The IPS in Afula has refused the doctors’ demand to conduct the hunger striker physical examination to his nerves under the pretext that his transfer from his room to the clinic causes a security problem, the lawyer added.

Abdullah al-Barghouthi has declared since early May an open hunger strike along with four other Jordanian captives, Mohammad Rimawi, Muneer Mar’i, Hamza al-Dabbas Othman, and Alaa Hammad.