Africans Support Rasmea! Statement from the United African Organization

429_RasmeaLeaders and members of the United African Organization (UAO) stand in solidarity with Sister Rasmea Yousef Odeh, Associate Director of the Arab American Action Network. Together, we express our unflinching support for this remarkable advocate and distinguished leader whose passion for public service and dedication to community empowerment embody the highest ideals of American democratic values. As a champion of human rights and dignity for all people, Sister Rasmea gives voice to the aspirations of the vulnerable and marginalized with a principled focus on building bridges among diverse constituencies and promoting the vision of an inclusive, just and tolerant society. She is a respected and selfless leader who enjoys a deep sea of admiration in the African, Arab, Asian, Latino and faith communities in Illinois. 
Our support for Sister Rasmea stems from our intimate knowledge of her inspiring and demonstrable record over the years in promoting citizenship and civic engagement, as well as providing programmatic management of vital social services in the Arab and Muslim community.
We hope and pray that Sister Rasmea will continue to serve her beloved community in peace and dignity! She is not athreat to anyone, and her work here encapsulate her commitment to Dr. Martin Luther King’s call to serve and support each other in the interwoven fabric of our common destiny as Americans.

Alie Kabba, Executive Director
United African Organization