UPDATED: Ibrahim Hamed held in isolation, Israeli officials threaten prisoners with further isolation

Reports that Palestinian political prisoner and senior Hamas leader Jamal Abu Al-Hija has been moved to isolation alongside Ibrahim Hamed are inaccurate, said Fouad al-Khuffash of the Ahrar Centre on January 12.

An Israeli intelligence officer stated that Abu al-Hija was in solitary confinement to a group of administrative detainees in the Negev prison, in an apparent attempt to intimidate and mislead the administrative detainees, who are planning escalating protest steps.

Ibrahim Hamed, a senior Hamas leader sentenced to 57 life sentences had been held in isolation prior to the conclusion of the Karameh hunger strike in May 2013; he was returned to general prisoners’ population following the agreement that ended the strike. He was transferred to isolation on Thursday, January 9.