Raghida Qawasmi detained after visiting her husband in Negev prison

raghida-qawasmiRaghida Qawasmi, 24, of al-Khalil, is being held in Hasharon prison, reported the Palestine Centre for Prisoners Studies.

She is the wife of Palestinian prisoner Moataz Qawasmi, being held in Negev prison and a mother of two children, the youngest being 18 months old. She was arrested on January 7, 2014 during her visit with her husband, accused of attempting to smuggle a mobile phone to her husband during the visit.

She was transferred to Hasharon prison but rather than being held with the other Palestinian women prisoners there, she is being held in a cell next to Israeli criminal prisoners, causing her fear and anxiety. She was brought for a hearing on Thursday, which was postponed.

Her family called for the immediate release of their daughter, arrested without charge, saying that her arrest was an act of revenge and that her husband has now been moved to an isolation cell. They demanded her release and her immediate transfer to the Palestinian prisoners’ area.