Palestinian from Gaza seized while crossing for eye surgery

Israeli occupation authorities arrested the first Palestinian from Gaza in 2014 on January 6, reported Hossam Association. Yousef Abu Jedian, 26, of Deir al-Balah in southern Gaza, was seized by occupation officials when he went to Erez crossing in Beit Hanoun to travel to Ramallah for a corneal transplant not available in Gaza.

He was taken to an interrogation center, and his mother, who was accompanying him, returned to Gaza. He has previously passed through the crossing on several occasions to receive treatment for his eyes; due to a work injury, he has lost 80% of his sight.

According to Abu Jedian’s mother, occupation officials refused to allow him to bring his medication, including specialized eyedrops, when he was taken to interrogation. Hossam association called for the International Committee of the Red Cross to intervene to secure treatment and release for Abu Jedian. His brother Zuhair is serving a 12 year sentence in Nafha prison, where he has been held for 10 years.