Part of the global call to Free the Hares Boys, organizers are coordinating Latin American events to call for their freedom.

March 13:
Montevideo, Uruguay, 8:00 pm, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación (FHCE) Salón ROMERO Montevideo, Uruguay

March 15:
San José, Costa Rica, 2:00 pm, Plaza de la Cultura, San José, Costa Rica

March 16:
Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico, 6:00 pm, Beppo Bazaar, 11 oriente no. 8, Puebla

Over the next two weeks we will see co-ordinated joint protests and events across several countries around the world, all in solidarity with the Hares Boys – five Palestinian teens tortured and caged in a G4S secured Israeli prison and facing life sentence for a crime that never happened!

The global solidarity event for the Hares Boys will start in Chile and UK where activists will use posters and hand leaflets in their home towns. Specifically in Chile it´s going to be a rally for Children’s Rights where activists will share information specifically about Palestinian children under military occupation on March 7.

A conference will be held in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay at a faculty part from the University where there will be a talk about the relation between the Hares Boys, the Palestinian children living under israeli military occupation overall, G4S and BDS.

On March 15 Costa Rica will held a demonstration in its capital city San José to bring awareness about the special situation of these teenagers who are facing a life in prison for the supposed crime that never happened.

Our Mexican editor will give a conference in Puebla de Zaragoza on March 16 talking about the Hares Boys and the multinational ‘security’ company G4S’ complicity in Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians.

As a united global solidarity activity for the Hares Boys, all the events will use the same ‘Free the Hares Boys’ leaflets and posters in three different languages.

The events began on March 7 in Santiago de Chile, where Unadikom Chile joined in a march for the rights of the child, highlighting the cases of Palestinian children denied their rights:

A full list of events can be found here as well: