March 15, Glasgow: Free the Hares Boys! Free Palestine! 15 March Day of Action Glasgow

Free the Hares Boys! Free Palestine! 15 March Day of Action Glasgow

Sunday, March 15
2:00 pm
Marks and Spencer Sauciehall Street
Glasgow, Scotland
International Day of Action for the Hares Boys – Palestinian teenagers imprisoned by Israel.

Organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (Glasgow) All welcome – open megaphone – Free all Palestinian prisoners / Smash apartheid Israel!

This year, Sunday 15th March will mark 2 years since 5 teenage boys from the village of Hares, Palestine, were kidnapped from their homes, abused and violently interrogated, and locked in an Israeli prison. All for something they didn’t do.

Should the Israeli military courts get their way, the Hares Boys will face long years in prison for a “crime” that carries no evidence of their supposed guilt and which all the boys deny. To mark the 2 years since the boys’ incarceration, an international day of action has been called for 15 March with all progressive people around the world to devise local actions aimed at raising the profile of the case of the Hares Boys and by doing so, put pressure on the Israeli occupation to respect the principles of justice and release these kids from prison.

The fact that it is British based security multinational G4S that provides the guards to imprison and torture these kids means our solidarity is vital. No to Britain’s support for Apartheid Israel!

Join us for an international day of action for The Hares Boys! Bring flags, whistles, banners, placards to help raise attention. Gather outside Marks and Spencer, one of Britain’s biggest corporate sponsors of Israel.

An open megaphone will be there for all to use.

For more information about the Hares Boys visit:

Glasgow Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is organising for Palestine Prisoners Day on 17 April so any ideas get in contact

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