One-day hunger strike planned on 17 April to demand end of sanctions, attacks on Nafha prisoners


Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison are protesting against the sanctions imposed on them following a violent raid by Israeli occupation special forces on prison units, especially sections 14 and 13, on Wednesday, 13 April.

Prisoners in Nafha are refusing to exit their rooms for security checks conducted twice daily by the prison administration. These steps will continue and expand to other prisoners in the southern prisons (Nafha, Eshel, Naqab, Ramon). On 17 April, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, prisoners in these jails will reject meals and engage in a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with the prisoners in Nafha.

These protest steps are inclusive of Palestinian prisoners associated with all political parties and factions.

The sanctions imposed by the Nafha prison administration include: covering windows of rooms with tin, blocking the vision of prisoners and the entry of air; blocking the entrance corridor with large concrete slabs, leading to high heat and blocking the entry of air; increased inspections at night; limiting the movement of the elected prisoners’ representatives and prohibiting them from moving between departments; preventing prisoners from access to recreation; prohibiting the entry of clothing and blankets from family members into the prison.