Palestinians in Sofia call on Bulgarian presidency for action on Omar Nayef Zayed case


Members of the Palestinian community in Sofia, Bulgaria protested outside the office of the Bulgarian President on 5 April, calling for justice and accountability in the death of Omar Nayef Zayed in the Palestinian embassy in Sofia on 26 February.

Community members delivered two letters, to the President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria, calling for intensified investigations and the release of the forensic report and autopsy results in Nayef Zayed’s case. Nayef Zayed, a former Palestinian prisoner who escaped Israeli custody in 1990 and fled to Bulgaria, had taken refuge inside the Palestinian embassy from an extradition request by the Israeli state being carried out by Bulgarian police.


Further actions and events calling for justice in his case will take place in the coming days, including actions in New York City and Berlin. This week marks the 40th day after the death of Nayef Zayed amid renewed demands for the release of a criminal investigative report and accountability for his death.